At the Museum of London

Once today's meeting was over I had a look around my old office building. It's odd, it seems as if it was yesterday that I was still going there, but evidently it wasn't; it's been more than six years since I last walked down this street. It was all quite strange. New shops have opened, buildings have been torn down and rebuilt from the ground up, all that jazz.

Anyway, once I had got loaded with nostalgia, I walked down to the Museum of London to complete my visit to the exhibition that I never manage to complete: the victorian and modern London areas. There were many things that got my interest in the Museum today, but I was a bit tired and decided to only sketch what really piked my curiosity. So there you go. The wax diorama is the funniest thing, I think. It is somewhat different from the real one, as the real one attempts to depict things realistically while I decided to go the simplified way (in line with my goal of getting a caricature style somewhat dominated!).

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