Covent Garden Underground station (and a cab)

Back in December some relative wanted to do something crazy: getting to Covent Garden in the days before Christmas. MADNESS! Then she wanted to do some shopping in Marks and Spencer. I entered but as soon as I was pushed aside several times I felt like not really wanting to spend more time inside it, so I decided to go even further down the madness path and wait outside.

There, the masses of people walking up and down the pavement didn't deter me and soon I was sketching in the inclement weather, while making sure that no one stumbled upon me or my sketchbook. I wasn't going to add any shading initially but the drawing looked a little bit bland without it so I took the brush pen out and started adding some gray areas to give some feeling of depth to it.

I noticed later that the cab looked as if it had been "compressed" horizontally. Maybe it's just a by-product of the format I used for drawing! Anyway I like this, I think it quite reflects the feeling you get when waiting outside this station.

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