Parking lot

My mum wanted to buy a couple of things on the way out to the town, but I wasn't really feeling like getting into a mall.

So I told her I would wait in the car instead. It was an unexpectedly sunny December day, and within minutes it had got so hot that I had to open the door to breathe--as she hadn't let the keys on, I couldn't open the (electric) window!

Still it was quite funny to draw from inside a car. I think it's the first time I've done it, quite probably because I hardly ever get into one and even less stay on it while it's parked!

This mall is relatively new, and the land nearby has still not found a buyer, so it has stayed empty for a couple of years already. It's sort of sad since these used to be allotments and generally productive land, and now it's little less than an empty piece of unoccupied potentially industrial land.

Behind, the elevated railway tracks, and further away, the mountain that is the limit between provinces (Alicante and Valencia). We're almost at the end of this town here.

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