St. George's Wharf Tower

I was curious about this building and have been wanting to get closer for some time already. The tragic news of yesterday were just what was missing to finally make me visit the zone.

The way the Thames goes across London, with its bends and not-so-straight lines, make trying to locate a far away building sort of complicated. First it looks like it's straight in front of you, at the end of the street you're now, but when you move a few blocks it seems as if the building has moved to your right.

So there I was walking through the bleak office blocks of Horseferry Road, totally focused in getting to the river bank as soon as possible in order to finally pinpoint where the building was. I zig-zagged until I ended getting out of the blocks with Tate Britain on my left; the tower was still a bit to the right, but that was OK. It made for a nicer view.

Crossing to the old dock where prisoner boats departed for Australia, I looked across the river. What a hazy day it was. My breath was easily visible thanks to the minus zero temperatures, sort of contributing to the fog, I thought.

I hesitated for a minute, but then I went ahead and took out my sketchbook.

It was the first time I sketched with gloves on. Such a... different exercise. With very little grip power, and even less tactile feedback, I am not sure how did I manage to get this done. It was nice that it was sunny, even if hazy. Otherwise I would have had to end the exercise sooner. It didn't take much time in any case--just a quick sketch of the top of the tower, with the remains of the crane still hanging as if thanks to a miracle.

Several lookers came and took a picture of the tower while I stayed there. I thought about crossing the Vauxhall Bridge and getting closer, but I thought it would be too busy. Besides, I was starting to feel the afternoon chill, my breath was still more noticeable, and I was happy enough with the result.

It should be a good prelude for the upcoming 38th sketchcrawl on Saturday, I think!

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