Buxton Memorial

Today was a moderately sunny and not so cold day (Sun-day!) so it was the time to do something I've been wanting to do for ages but not done because I didn't want to freeze: sketching in Victoria Tower Gardens!

When it's nice and sunny --and even moderately warm-- this is a great area to sit and look at the river, the boats going up and down the river, and generally do nothing but contemplate. Maybe even picnic in the grass if you're feeling brave, but I've never done it, as the grass doesn't seem very green or fluffy.

Anyway, there's this bizarre monument called the Buxton Memorial Fountain here in the gardens and I've taken photographed it before, but never sketched it. Its colourful ceiling deserved using some of the Stabilo pens I got as a gift in Christmas, as otherwise the effect is really lost. The real ornaments are maybe a bit too intricate for a quick sketch as the one I've done, so I have taken the liberty to simplify them (it was warmer than previous weeks, but not that warm!)

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